Sustainable Beekeeping In An Unsustainable Era

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There are very few resources dedicated solely to PermApiculture, hence the need for this site.  Here are the only ones of which I know:

Keeping With The Bees via PermApiculture and Perone Hives 

Perone hive subforum of Biobees Natural Beekeeping Forum


The following resources are all tangentially related to PermApiculture, either due to similarities in philosophy, practice, or purpose, and are valuable to any beekeeper.  



Natural Beekeeping Australia: Ethical Sustainable Apiculture

Adventures in Natural Beekeeping

Gaiabees: A new approach to living with bees



Bees For Development: The Specialist International Beekeeping Organization

International Bee Research Association

The Natural Beekeeping Trust

The American Bee Journal

Bee Culture Magazine



The Treatment-Free Beekeepers Forum

Biobees Natural Beekeeping Forum



Gunther Hauk, Towards Saving the Honeybee

David Heath, Towards Sustainable Beekeeping (PDF)

Thomas Seeley, Honeybee Democracy

Thomas Seeley, The Wisdom of the Hive (PDF)

H. Storch, At The Hive Entrance (PDF)

Jurgen Tautz, The Buzz About Bees: Biology of a Superorganism

Abbé Warré, Beekeeping For All (PDF)



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